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Frequently Asked Questions

Use this page to get your answers to frequently asked questions concerning ministry at The Praise Center. If  you have a question that is not answered below, use the question submission module below to ask away. We welcome any questions you may have!

what time does the services start on Sunday,or wednesday???

Our Sunday Worship Celebration begins at 10:30 AM. Our Wednesday Midweek Life Dinner begins at 6 PM. Our Wednesday groups begin at 7 PM and include Missionettes & Royal Rangers for children, Student Ministry for youth & SOME of our Life Groups (small groups) for adults. Our Life Groups are varied and meet at different times throughout the week. (For more service time information, follow the link on the menu to the left on our homepage.)




How is my local church affiliated with the Assemblies of God?

Within the fellowship of the Assemblies of God there are two classifications of churches - General Council affiliated churches and district affiliated churches. General Council affiliated churches enjoy full autonomy, having developed to the point of where they are self-governing and self-supporting. These fundamental principles have been catalysts for growth in the Fellowship. District affiliated churches are those which have not yet developed to the point where they qualify for full autonomy. All assemblies are required to adhere to the Statement of Fundamental Truths and a biblical pattern of conduct.  Learn More

What distinguishes the Assemblies of God from other Christian groups?

The Assemblies of God is an evangelic protestant fellowship that believes God exists in three persons -- the Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. The most definitive identification of the Assemblies of God is Pentecostal. Just as it was founded in 1914, the Fellowship remains a full gospel church—one where the fullness of the Holy Spirit is welcomed, nurtured, and taught. This includes speaking in tongues as the initial evidence of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Other manifestations of the Holy Spirit embraced by the church include: messages in tongues with interpretations, prophecies, word of knowledge, and the complete gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit as indicated in the Bible. Among Pentecostal churches—the Assemblies of God is largest worldwide with over 52 million constituents.

How can I learn more about the Assemblies of God?

Visit for more information about the Assemblies of God including: beliefs, history, ministries and more frequently asked questions.